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34 Days until the “Tempest” Print Drop. Easter weekend yay!

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I wish I could make a prints every time someone asked to buy one but I would never have a break to create new pieces for you guys. 🎻 

But as I figure out the best way to make prints available for you; this is how the this next drop will go.

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  1. Drop means “release” but is more exclusive.

  2. You can only collect your print between the dates of March 29-30th

  3. If there is only a certain number available I will tell you the numbers prior to Drop day.

Three different editions will be available to purchase:

paper starting at $250

canvas starting at $1,000

hand embellished canvas(price is still being determined)

Framing will be available for each which I am curating from the best frame makers I could find.


The exact time the Drop will go live will be sent to ya’ll in this newsletter at least a week before the Drop day.

If a certain edition you want is capped to only a certain amount made, I recommend setting an alarm for a better chance to get that edition.

This week I have been working on a Faith based commissioned piece which is coming along so so good. It always gets me excited when I can visualize the finished piece in my head.

Tempest will always hold a special place in my heart, it’s a reflection of me…those seem to always look/feel like my best works.

Let the good times roll- Sam


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